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Massy's complaint against Currys PC World

Massy Honarpisheh


[LAPSED] Price match scam

Complaint against Currys PC World

Went to Currys PC World today to buy a Xbox one X which I have found it £120 cheaper in GAME store and it was exactly the same product or bundle, the customer service assistance check everything twice and when he was completely happy that the items are identical he agreed to do it. Last thing to complete my purchase he needed to get permission from the store manager. The store manager then turned up and said its too much and he/they cannot do it for this price! I told them so its all lie written on your website about price matched guaranteed and so on in polite manner and I asked him to explain! He had nothing to say or to add but just agreed with my point yet he said hw is unable do it because they will lose. The reason I wanted to buy it from them was simply because we have a credit agreement with them and it was easier to added a new purchase to our exciting credit with them rather than opening a new one with a new retailer. Over all they wasted around 1 hour of my time to hear that sorry it is too much and they cannot price match therefore we don't sell it for this price. Lier! I' I have taken his name and I'm planning to take this matter further and complain to relevent department tomorrow and let them know my story and wonder how they can justify this. In addition ill contact the BBC Watchdog and let them know about this incident and I would love to see them embarrassed. I have posted a links bellow folks and just go and compare prices of Xbox one X with Currys PC World for yourself!

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Lapsed. Massy has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Massy, I'm concerned to hear of the level of service you've received in-store regarding your price match. So this can be investigated further could you please email us to [email protected] quoting ref: SPK181121 and including your full name, address and the time and date you visited the branch? - Jack
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