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Rabinder's complaint against Currys PC World

Rabinder Chahal


[LAPSED] Refund policy - Abysmal

Complaint against Currys PC World

ABYSMAL I would not recommend anyone to part with their cash at PC world Currys. If I could have given them no stars I would. My advice is to shop elsewhere like John Lewis. I bought a laptop Dell Inspiron (Dell DLL I5 UH D LOKI), after discussing my needs with the team member. They persuaded me to buy the Mcafee security system, which was installed by them and paid for by me, in addition to buy the payment protection plan. Picked up the computer the next day. Got it home, carefully took it out switched on. Disappointed to note that it makes a constant low level humming sound consistently. Took it back the very next day in original packaging, pristine, still box fresh with receipt. I was informed that it had opened, no longer qualifies for a refund. It has software installed on it, ( Mcaffe installed by them paid for by me), it no longer qualifies for a refund. According to some tech magazines it's useless and often referred to "bloatware". It is not an anti virus device. If I wanted Currys to send it back to Dell, it would cost me £149. Computer bought 17Jan 18, picked up 18 Jan 18, Returned and refused refund 19 & 20 Jan 18. Total cost £707 I wasn't informed that The Dell computers always make a consistent low level noise. I couldn't hear it in the shop, they had music and videos on. I wasn't informed at point of purchase or during the sales pitch that if I bought the computer it was non refundable within 21 days. All in all every step of the way Currys PC world serves to mislead the customer, take a look at the various complaints on this site and trustpilot. Ask yourself how can you know how well a machine /appliance performs unless you take it out of the box.unless your psychic with x ray vision. If you bought a jumper and it was packaged in a plastic sleeve, you wouldn't be able to determine the quality, cut, fit inspect it for defects. They were very keen to install the software, they didn't mention that renders it as automatically used. All in all a sneaky move. If the can install surely they can uninstall it. If they can't I can show them, the team that stated to me in the shop that they were experts. It's quite simple to return to factory settings, plus there was no other data on the machine other than the Mcaffe that they installed. This will be the first and last time that I will be using Curry PC world. A totally awful shopping experience. I have had far superior service at John Lewis, Argos, Aldi, (electrical equipment), Marks and Spencer, Tesco direct. I won't be returning and neither will my family, friends and anyone who reads this. Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

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Lapsed. Rabinder has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Rabinder - thanks for your post. I'm really sorry to hear you're unhappy with our returns policy. So that I can look into this further, could you please send me your full name, address and receipt details along with a copy of your original post to; [email protected] quoting reference number SPK865 in the subject line. Thanks - Emily.

Rabinder Chahal | | VERIFIED

Dear Emily, thank you for responding to my complaint. I will forward all info forthwith.


You're very welcome, Rabinder. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks - Emily.

Rabinder Chahal | | VERIFIED

You are sorry, are you? So you expect me to be psychic.? The only way I can know the machine makes a noise is to switch it on. I took it back the very next day. Everything pristine. Your team installed the useless McAfee, this isn't even anti virus and won't protect your computer from any malware. Now I'm expected to pay £149.00 to get the machine checked out?! I'm not satisfied at all.


I am sorry you are not happy with the response. As mentioned by my colleague Emily, if you wish to email us, we can then have a look at this for you. Thanks, David

Rabinder Chahal | | VERIFIED

I did email you and you gave me the above response. Do you have anything to add?


Hi Rabinder, I've had a look at the emails that have been exchanged. If you feel the Laptop has a fault we can arrange for this to be assessed at our Repair Centre, however as the Store have already been unable to find a fault, the humming you can hear may in fact be the noise of the fan. - Jack
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