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Andreea's complaint against Currys PC World

Andreea Toaso


[LAPSED] Removed from the store at 20:02 after waiting for 30 mins to be served

Complaint against Currys PC World

I bought a computer two days ago, it wasn't working so we came back to exchange it. We were in the tottenham hale branch at 19:30 and we were waiting to be served by one of the employees, they saw us and ignored us. When we asked for some help they told us to wait in line to be served. We searched for someone from It department and one of them told us to wait at the knowhow. There were 2 customers in front of us with ony one person working. The rest of the employees were just walking around the store ignoring us. At 20:02 one of the ones ignoring us, aproached and asked how he can help and told us that he can't help as the store closed and there wasn't anyone left in the warehouse. He was very rude about the fact that we didn't come earlier and when we told him we were there waiting for half an hour he said there's nothing he can do as everyone already left and we should come back tomorrow. We tried to explain to him, we just want a different computer as the one we were given was faulty and we can't come tomorrow or Sunday as we are both working and it's a gift for someone's birthday on Sunday. He told us he can't do anything because everyone was already gone and it's hard to believe at 20:02 everyone left the warehouse. Very poor customer service and very rude. They shouldn't treat people like that and they shouldn't let people wait until after 20:00 before asking what we need especially since there were so many of them and they weren't doing anything. They were just chatting and laughing and putting everything away when they could have served us.

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Lapsed. Andreea has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Andreea, thanks for posting, certainly not the type of service we'd expect anyone to encounter. My apologies. I will ensure that this is fed back to the General Manager for internal review. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention. - Jay
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