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J's complaint against Currys PC World

J Williams



Complaint against Currys PC World

I have just had occasion to go through historic transactions and find that since 12th May 2014 I have had an amount of £10.50 withdrawn from my account each month. I have purchased various goods from Curry's in the past and always been happy to do so, I have a policy that I never take product support packages when purchasing goods and the only vague recollection I have was when I purchased my laptop being told that there was a free 1 month protection as part of purchase. I am horrified to discover that I have had this amount taken out of my account on a "debit card" transaction each month for 34 months for a policy which I have not purchased nor desired in the first place. I am disgusted with this as a business practice, and find in searching now that your company seems to do this as matter of practice - I have not and do not authorise this amount to leave my account and this must stop IMMEDIATELY and the 34 x £10.50's stolen must be returned. I have always been happy to shop with Curry's and it is my first choice when purchasing household goods but I shall never shop at Curry's again, I will never trust the company again and will certainly make sure that this story is told very widely. I can't believe that I have been a victim of this, I've heard of others but never thought it would happen to me!

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Lapsed. J has not responded in 90 days

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Hi J Williams, I am sorry to hear of the frustration that this matter has caused in relation to the agreement that is in place on the product. In order to look into this matter for you and advise ion the agreement and cancellation at your request, I would require the following details: - Full address (including post code) - DD reference & product information make/model Thanks, Nino

J Williams | | VERIFIED

Hi Nintho, the address is Machine Farm, Minera, Wrexham, LL11 3DE, there is no D/D reference number as this is not on a direct debit but is being taken out of my account as a debit card transaction each month! I have bought several items from Curry's so am not sure which one this refers to, it may be my laptop HP Pavillion 00326 1000 00000 AA634?


Hi J Williams, thank you for confirming the details requested by my colleague. I can confirm that their is an Agreement in place. Can you please confirm the store of purchase - Shaun

J Williams | | VERIFIED

Please confirm what the agreement is for, I have no idea what the agreement is. Probably the Wrexham store, although once I know what item the agreement is for I will be able to cofirm. Many thanks


Hi, I can confirm that the Agreement in place is for a HP computer purchased from our Wrexham branch. - Shaun

J Williams | | VERIFIED

Hi Shaun, thanks, I do have vague memories of being told there was a free month's cover when I bought it (I think it was that) but I did not know nor understand that it was an agreement going on beyond that month, please could you confirm that it has now stopped and let me know how Curry's will reimburse the payments taken. Many thanks Jan


Hi Jan, I cancelled the Service Agreement on our previous contact. Whilst I understand your concerns, as the Agreement has been in placed since May 2014, I am unable to provide you with the requested refund. I would politely request that any payment disputes are discussed with your bank/card provider - Shaun

J Williams | | VERIFIED

Thanks Shaun for your speedy reply and for the cancellation. With respect, I don't quite understand why the payment dispute needs to be discussed with my bank and would appreciate it if you could explain, from my perspective it appears a problem with Curry's and not the bank? Many thanks Jan


Hi Jan, no problems. Any disputed payment made would need to be made with your bank/card provider. I am showing that we provided you with Technical Support in 2014 on this Agreement. We provided a software repair by accessing your computer remotely under the disputed Service Agreement upon contact with our Technical Support Team. With this in mind and that the Service Agreement has been in place>


Since the 10th of April 2014, and payments provided by your bank/card provider. We would refer you back to them if you dispute any authority to take funds from the account - Shaun
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