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Gary's complaint against Currys PC World

Gary Cox


[LAPSED] Since March 2019 charged £3.50

Complaint against Currys PC World

Purchase a Nintendo Switch which is now sold only to find out I have been paying insurance on this. I NEVER take out insurance when buying electrical products. Disgusting how is this any different too PPI? Proof below. 8 August 2019 POS PRODUCT SUPPORT AG - £3.50 £661.81 8 July 2019 POS PRODUCT SUPPORT AG - £3.50 £730.79 10 June 2019 POS PRODUCT SUPPORT AG - £3.50 £592.08 9 May 2019 POS PRODUCT SUPPORT AG - £3.50 £645.65 8 April 2019 POS PRODUCT SUPPORT AG - £3.50 £941.35 15 March 2019 POS PRODUCT SUPPORT AG - £3.50 £660.88

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Lapsed. Gary has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Gary, sorry to hear about the issues here. If you still require assistance regarding this, please email [email protected] with reference SPK180912 in the subject line. Be sure to include your full name, address, details of amounts taken and details of products linked to these payments, thank you. - Belinda

Gary Cox | | VERIFIED

Assistance? Refund the money would be lovely but I doubt that will happen. Is there any point contacting you or is this just a generic post to make it look like your caring about this?


I'm unable to assist you further without the specific details requested, and due to the personal nature would prefer them send via the above medium, as it's not recommended to post in a public forum. Look forward to hearing from you, Gary.
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