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Brian's complaint against Currys PC World

Brian Pierce


[LAPSED] Smart TV not so smart

Complaint against Currys PC World

You buy a smart TV from Currys/PC World that is clearly marked with the Freeveiw Play and iPlayer logos, only to be told by the BBC when they update iPlayer that your new smart TV is 'not compatible' and iPlayer no longer works. Currys/PC World's response is to wash there hands the issue by saying its not their problem as content providers may change update or remove apps. The fact that they have sold me a smart TV that is not certified as iPlayer compatible seems to have passed them by. The are telling me there is no 'fault' in the product and they will not replace or refund despite the fact that the TV is clearly not fit for purpose or or merchantable quality since it has ceased to function within a few months of purchase. I've been in touch with Trading Standards and Citizens advice (Case: Ref 14911116) and they have advised me that under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, the TV is not as described since it is not certified as iPlayer Compatible as I was led to believe. As such it is the responsibility of the retailer to either perform a suitable repair or provide a functional replacement within a reasonable time-scale and with a minimum of inconvenience. I will be putting sending this to head office recorded delivery.

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HI Brian, thank you for you post. I am sorry to hear that you are not happy that the TV does not have the features that you bought the TV for. As the apps are ran by a 3rd party these can be withdrawn at any time and as a result we cannot be held responsible. As the TV is in working order for the primary function of purchasing a TV, you are not covered under the CRA to return the TV.- RD
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