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sophie's complaint against Currys PC World

sophie gunyon


[LAPSED] Train your staff on the T&Cs on your Finance offering. I was told NO FEE yet there is a £25 admin f

Complaint against Currys PC World

I was on Curry's Catford on 24th May around 4.45pm (just before closing)! I purchased a washing machine and a hoover and was debating whether to put the spend on my 0% credit card, buy out right or take advantage of the so called buy now pay later 0% offer Curry's had. I decided to take advantage of the buy now offer and was assured MANY MANY times by the less than adequate shop assistant that there were no fees, so I thought why not. Less than 2 weeks later I decide that actually I will pay it off as I didn't really need it, to be shocked that there is in fact a £25 fee if you pay off the balance - which is outrageous, and I would NEVER EVER have taken the 0% buy now pay later deal as I in fact had many other payment options. I earn £50k plus and have an immaculate credit rating and never ever get caught out paying fees when borrowing money. I was 100% miss sold by the shop assistant in the Curry's store and I am fuming. I actually also went on and ordered a washing machine later that week from Curry's, so spent over £700 in store. In fact @knowhowtohelp on Twitter just tweeted and said they didn't believe there is a fee on the finance - so again Curry's staff not knowing the T&C's of the finance offering. I need the £25 waived and i will clear the balance ASAP. I will not be shopping in Curry's again until the staff are fully trained and giving out accurate information.

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Lapsed. sophie has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Sophie, thanks for getting in touch with us on here. I'm sorry to hear of the problem you have with your finance agreement. I understand that you are currently in contact with colleagues on other social platforms - Ian
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