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Agnieszka's complaint against Currys PC World

Agnieszka Osowska


[RESOLVED] - Two weeks and no laptop

Complaint against Currys PC World

Almost two weeks ago i bought a laptop from currys and still it hasn't been despatch. I called after a week customer service and i was told that my laptop will be send today (Monday). Of course nothing happend. I called on next day and this time lady said that my payment hasn't gone through and she needs to send an email to financial team. Ok but still nothing happend. Today (Wednesday) i called again and this time i was told that i need to wait 24h until they going to pick up the payment manually. That's fine but right now it's 48h after first lady sent them an email and still nothing happend. How long do i have to wait more to recevie my order???!!! Im sick of calling customer sevice because they doing nothing with my case.

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Currys PC World resolved this complaint

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Hi Agnieszka, my apologies for the delays encountered. So I can look to help can you advise of the order number? - Jay

Agnieszka Osowska | | VERIFIED

Hi, order number is CUR1638388498, delivery address Sigma Aldrich, fancy rd, Poole, Bh12 4QH.


Hi Agnieszka, thanks for the detail. Your order is being cleared today so dispatch details will be emailed to you within the next 72hrs max. My apologies for the unusual delay. If you do not hear anything within that time please let us know here & be happy to chase further for you. - Jay

Agnieszka Osowska | | VERIFIED

Hi, i can see that the payment is still 'pending' so i assumed that my order hasn't been cleared and nothing has been done?


If the same in the morning please let me know - jay

Agnieszka Osowska | | VERIFIED

Hi, still the same, why nothing has been done yet? Is it really that hard to pick up the payment manually? I just can't understand why whole customer service ignoring my order. Do I really have to wait a month for my order? It was my first purchase from Currys and I would never again buy anything from them. I'm very dissapointed.


Hello, Due to the large value on this order it needs to be screened by our Head Office before been accepted. The team are working through quite a back log at the moment but they will get round to it. Our Customer service team have sent the correct forms of to them, rest assured! Thanks, Ollie.

Agnieszka Osowska | | VERIFIED

Hi, i understand but I'm already waiting two weeks! Are you saying that your head office is checking every single order with bigger value? I do not believe! Why then it hasn't been sent to the head office two weeks ago when I places the order? I have called customer sevice 4 times and everytime I heard different lies!


Hello, Yes they do tend to check most orders that are high value. As I am sure you can appreciate, we are extremely busy at the moment. I have however called our Head Office and asked them to push this through for you. You will receive emails shortly confirming the order etc. Thanks, Ollie.

Agnieszka Osowska | | VERIFIED

Hi, today i have received a laptop. Thank you Ollie for all your help, I really appreciate it. Agnieszka

Agnieszka Osowska | | VERIFIED

I have received laptop after a member of customer service called head office.
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