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James's complaint against Currys PC World

James Judge


[RESPONDED] Unauthorised 'product support' payment

Complaint against Currys PC World

In January 2018 I purchased a new TV form Currys PC World in-store at Tunbridge Wells. I put the purchase on my credit card, and was offered extended support by the sales person. I can clearly remember declining the additional support as this is something I never take out on electric goods. It now appears I'd been signed up to the extended support, and have just noticed (in July) the £5.49 that has quietly been taken off my CC each month for PRODUCT SUPPORT AG. The phone number associated with the transaction doesn't connect after a few hours of calling, so I've called my bank. I've contacted my bank, and they've gone through a cancellation process to block any future transactions. However I'm now £32.94 worse off for a service that I didn't agree to or want. At the very least I expect this money to be refunded to me, and am disappointed by the sly nature from Currys PC World in ignoring my wish not to be signed up to this and taking the cash anyway.

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HI James, thank you for your post regarding the support agreement purchases. I am sorry to learn that payments appear to have been taken without your consent for which I offer my apologies. So we can look into this further, please provide a copy of the post along with your full name address and contact number along with the agreement number if known to [email protected] quoting SPK180674

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