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Louise's complaint against Currys PC World

Louise Edwards


[LAPSED] Unaware of 'Product support'

Complaint against Currys PC World

I have recently found out that I've been paying for 'product support' for over 2 years on my laptop. Rung and spoken to the 'helpdesk' and they are NOT helpful. "Speak to your bank and they'll raise a chargeback". Did that, they can't, spoken to another person who told me, when I asked for a copy of the 'contract' I'm alleged to have entered into, "we only have to keep them for 6 months." and my favourite. "You won't get your money back. We don't do that." So, legally there is no evidence of any contract being agreed to, and I remember taking out ONE MONTH'S cover, and was never told that it would be continuously taken from my card. I believe under English law, there would need to be, offer and acceptance in order to create legal relations in terms of a contract. I don't believe I've accepted anything, and therefore the contract is void. Currently waiting for a manager to call me back, but will not be letting this rest here. You had NO authority to charge my card.

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Lapsed. Louise has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Louise, I am sorry if you have found an unwanted payment on your statement. So that I can look into this further for you, can you please email me a copy of this post, along with your full name, address and the amount being taken each month to [email protected] Please also include reference SPK071 in the subject line. - Leanne S

Louise Edwards | | VERIFIED

Thanks Leanne S, I've emailed.


Thanks Louise, We'll take a look into your enquiry shortly and offer a response at some point today. Richard
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