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Aaron's complaint against Currys PC World

Aaron Hayward


[LAPSED] Was sold product support for a laptop purchased at Currys PC world Chelmsford when I didn't want it

Complaint against Currys PC World

I bought a HP laptop from the currys store in Chelmsford and the sales person that sold the product to me was very pushy sales person who was keen on selling me additional items. He offered me an accessory which I did not really need but I purchased it. He kept going on about the product support that they offer and I keep saying im not interested but he kept going so he could get the sale, then he said you can take out the product support via Direct Debit and you can cancel before first payment and I will give you a discount on on something. I agreed and only on the basis that it was a Direct Debit and that I could go online and cancel before the first payment was due to be taken out. He got me to sign the Direct Debit mandate. I kept looking on my online banking weeks and months after to see if the Direct Debit had been set up. It had turned out he set up a continuous payment authority (CPA) and a £7.99 debit card transaction had been taken out of my account. I straight away contacted product support to cancel and called my bank to cancel it as I was not interested in this and I had not been told that a CPA would be set up on my account. I was mis sold a product plan and I was lied to in that a Direct debit would be set up, which of course I would have complete control in stopping it. I would now never go back to PC world/Currys to purchase anything I would go to a different retailer or buy my goods online as this was a very dishonest way of setting me up for a product plan. I am currently looking at disputing the transaction and I want to spread the word about this business and its practices.

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Lapsed. Aaron has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Aaron, I'm really sorry to hear this ha happened it isn't good to hear of at all. So I can look into this further for you can you please email me at; [email protected], can you include a copy of this review along with the following reference; SPK180511 Can you also include your full name, address including postcode, contact details & order references. Thank you - Shauna
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