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Dan's complaint against Currys PC World

Dan Smith


[RESOLVED] - Whatever happens? What a rip off!

Complaint against Currys PC World

A couple of years ago I bought a surface pro 2 and was convinced to buy the whatever happens cover. The salesman went to extreme lengths to tell me how this "insurance" covers ANY accidental damage, they gave examples of ways he had claimed in the past, or people he knew had. Recently I was unfortunate to need to try to make a claim on my policy, I had my surface pro on a shelf in my kitchen, my wife adjusted the roller blind not noticing and knocked the computer off the shelf and it landed in the kitchen sink which was full of water. I got the device out and dried it and wrapped it in a towel as soon as possible, but it was clear it was fried. I called the helpline and was told this was no problem and I could take it into store to send off for repair and it would usually only take around 7 days to be returned. I took it into store, where the sales assistant was too busy talking to his colleague to even listen to what I was saying, after I explained what had happened he finished his conversation and asked "So dropped in the bath?" I attempted to correct him, but he still didn't pay much attention and continued to fill out the request as dropped in the bath. At the time I was too frustrated with trying to explain what had happened that I just left it, as when I had been sold the insurance this was an example id been given(an ipad dropped in the bath) so assumed it wouldn't make much difference anyway, and I had wasted enough of my breath explaining twice! The policy states if the device isn't repaired within 21 days you will receive a replacement. I had called up a couple of times to check on the progress of the device and was told multiple times it was away for repair and would be returned soon. After 20 days I finally got a call saying they had refused my claim. When I picked up the device I was told it was because it shouldn't have been near the bath. First I have been screwed over by them mis-selling the cover, second by the ignorant staff who wouldn't give me the time of day to listen to what really happened, and when I called to complain I was told that they only had "dropped in bath" so there was no way for them to know the circumstances. Apart from the fact they have my address, phone number and email address! Even though I agree a computer should never be in a bath, they could atleast investigate as to any special circumstances, or at least not falsely sell their cover I have now had to send off a written response to argue the rejection. Why this has to be written is beyond me! Is it just a way to further keep you in the dark as to whether they are reviewing your claim? Or when they will respond? I spend thousands of pounds a year at currys and have never had a complaint to make, but this whole situation has been a disgrace.

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Currys PC World resolved this complaint

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Hi Dan, sorry to learn of your disappointment. Glad to learn you had put in an appeal, these can sometimes simply be due to the store not advising the workshop of the full details behind the cause - as you have provided any references am unable to check. Appeals can only be in writing, but if you send a copy to [email protected] happy to pass internally for you - Jay

Dan Smith | | VERIFIED

Hello I have emailed the address as you have suggested. John b reference 318394 Whatever happens: 0743771040 Please can you update me on this Regards Dan


Thank you Dan, I can see we have replied to your email. Thanks, Rach

Dan Smith | | VERIFIED

I was called by Knowhow regarding my dispute letter, during which they asked me to explain what had happened. I went through all of the details again and was told this would be passed onto the claims team and I would have a response by the end of the week. The week came and went and no response, it has then taken another week to receive a letter which simply says we are rejecting your claim again

Dan Smith | | VERIFIED

due to neglect. Please explain to me what is neglectful about placing a computer flat on a shelf!? Obviously Currys / Know how take every opportunity to reject claims! Please provide details of what further review was taken and why this is considered neglect!?


Hi Dan, Im sorry your appeal was rejected. As this was carried out by Head Office, we're not given details of how or why a claim is rejected. Thanks, Rach

Dan Smith | | VERIFIED

Hello Earlier in this thread I was told details could be passed internally between teams, can you please request that the claims team emails me the details as to why this was rejected along with any internal reports that have been made regarding this case


Hi Dan, all we did was forward your email to Head Office. Once they had completed their appeal, a note was added to say a rejection letter was sent. For a copy of all notes, please send proof of ID with a cheque or postal order for £10 payable to DSG Retail LTD to: Dixons Carphone Data Protection Officer PO Box 375 Southampton SO30 2PU Thanks, Rach

Dan Smith | | VERIFIED

So this has been rejected with no reason given and if I want the details of why I have to pay £10!? That's disgusting


Hi Dan, as a request for notes classed as a data request, under the terms of the Data Protection Act (a "Subject Access Request") there is a fee payable. Thanks, Rach

Dan Smith | | VERIFIED

For others reading this, I went back to currys regarding their rejection and for them to explain their reasoning behind their response claiming this was due to neglect. Thankfully, this has now been closed and a replacement is being supplied. Perseverance pays off!
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