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Mrs sana's complaint against DFS

Mrs sana khan


Both store manager and head office not prepared to help

Complaint against DFS

We placed an order for a sofa for Sunday 17th Jan 2016 hoping to get interest free finance and was told by the salesman that we had to pay 10% deposit which we did on a debit card for the amount of £150 for sofa costing £1188 plus insurance costing £182 which was forced upon us by the salesman. So total amount of the order became £1370, and the salesman offered free delivery if we took the insurance which would have costed us another £55. As it was Sunday we were told that the finance agreement shall be put through the next day. But interestingly on the paperwork provided to us states "customer collection", and when we asked the salesman we were just told that this was the only way to process this free delivery and they had made a note to honour this free delivery. The very next day we got a call informing us that the finance declined by the finance manager, Greg. We were told that he would give us 24hours to think if we could place finance under a friend or family members name and re-apply for finance again. So on Tuesday we agreed to go ahead without finance as we were told we had 12 weeks before the sofa could be delivered and we could pay balance then. At this point we decided to add an extra armchair for which we were told to pay another deposit contribution of £45. Then the next day, Weds 20th Jan we got another call by DFS saying they made a mistake and they required another £15 as the total amount if deposit paid was below 10%. So we paid another £15 over the phone again using the same debit card. But when the amended paperwork arrived this morning we had now been charged £229 for the insurance and a delivery charge of £55 had been applied to the bill. We were very annoyed to see this and felt cheated by DFS, and this now explained why they had taken additional deposits of us for the amounts of £45 and £15 on top of the original deposit of £150, We called the store immediately and asked to speak to the same finance manager, Greg, but we were told that he was busy and the lady took our details to pass over to callback. This was at 2pm but we didn't get a callback until gone 5pm. We told the manager that we had been misled and have been further charged for purchases which we had not agreed, as at no point over the last few days were we told that our insurance would rise to £229 from £182 and because the finance declined we were now also being charged for delivery, which was no fault of my own. He then tried making excuses and said that he could negotiate these charges, but as we had been misled all along we could not trust dfs anymore. They had many opportunites to be transparent with us and make us aware of these additional charges, which they didn't, and only became obvious until we received this paperwork in the post. As we were annoyed about the dishonesty of the dfs staff, we told this manger to cancel our order and refund our deposit as we hadnt recieved the goods and legally by law we had cooling off period to cancel this order. But he denied that we had any consumer rights, and refused to take any action. We then called DFS head office customer services immediately today at 5.15pm on 01302 330365, and we were shocked to hear that this person whom we spoke to was not prepared to log my complaint and told us that head office could not assist in this matter. And it was an issue which the store could only resolve. Basically neither the store or head office were prepared to help us. We feel conned as it feels like that they had made the sale now as they have my deposit and are now holding me over a barrell to complete this purchase. So are not bothered to help us anymore. This is why we need your help and we shall be contacting trading standards, the furniture ombudsman, and watchdog also to get our money back.

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