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mohamad's complaint against DFS

mohamad safsaf


I ordered three sofas Christmas offer on 29/10/2017 guaranty 3weeks 2days delivery and never arrived

Complaint against DFS

I have ordered three sofas on 29/10/2017 from DFS and it was Christmas offer and the estimated delivery was 3weeks 2days and it could be earlier and they told me to track it on line and they will call me a week before to arrange the delivery day and two days before the will call me to arrange the delivery slot time . After 2weeks the tracking start showing that the delivery will be on 21/112017 to the distributor (as they coming from Romania) but they never call me to arrange the delivery to me,but I started to arrange my living room for the new sofas and I got rid off the old sofas. On the 14/11/2017 I deside to go to the store and check with them ,and they told me sorry it’s going to be between the 18th and the 20th of December that is 8 weeks time not three any more,and we are planning to go on holiday from the 20th as my wife birthday on the 22nd so our holiday plans is cancelled . On the 7/12/2017 I received a call from dfs to arrange the delivery date finally and they booked me for the 20th of December and they texted me the confirmation of the date,so I arranged for the 22nd to have a birthday party for my wife at Home so I started to invite our friends and family and do the shopping. two days before they texted me again and the day before they texted me the time of the delivery and it was between 2:33pm 5:33pm and so I have to arrange a day off. And here we are from the 20th until now today is Sunday 24th I have been messed about I have to cancel the birthday party as well they never turn up or call me to tell me what happened I have to call them all the time and the booked me for the next day although again no one turned up and i call again and they booked me for a next day no one turned up I went to the store and I spoke to someone hi couldn’t do anything because the manager not there I went again on Saturday and I spoke to the supervisor and he told the manager and they arrange the delivery for Sunday between 1:00/5:00pm and no one turned up until now Sunday 24/12/2017 18:55. Can someone help me please. It’s costing us too much stress and headache and hassle,my kids and my wife and I we don’t want them anymore they going to be a bad memory for us all the time we sit on them Thank you again

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