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Hannah's complaint against Loaf

Hannah Thorpe


Beyond disappointed

Complaint against Loaf

Beyond disappointed I've been waiting a while to post this review because I was hoping it would be a positive one. This is my first ever sofa purchase and what a mistake I have made putting my trust in Loaf. I ordered my sofa in January and when it finally arrived in April, it had five rips in various places - not the quality I was expecting! I rang customer service and my hope was restored - Loaf would build me a new sofa and the process would be expedited so that I'd only have to wait a month for a replacement. Now, near the end of June I still do not have a replacement sofa. My sofa was delayed and delayed, problem after problem. Then unbelievably I was told that the sofa manufacturer didn't know how to order enough material and would it be ok if they used two different types of material to make my sofa (the original swatch they had ordered had run out!) I did not think it was unreasonable to want a sofa made out of one swatch material style so that the whole sofa was matching - who would pay thousands of pounds for a botched job? Since I voiced my concerns, Loaf has refused to engage in any meaningful update with me. Loaf has refused to acknowledge that I will have a sofa made to an acceptable standard with one material and Loaf has refused to give me any update on when I can expect to receive this sofa. I have called and emailed countless times over the past few weeks and have recently been told the manager who has been dealing with my case is unavailable but will call back before the end of the day. I have not received a call back to date. I am so disappointed that the customer service has been so appalling - I have never received such bad customer service from any other retail company. I have spoken to countless customer service employees all of whom have assured me they will follow up and get back to me - all of whom have ignored my emails and or not called back. It has seriously called into question the reputation and quality of the company and all I want to do is cancel my order and have a full refund. Its a shame that the actual sofa is so lovely because my ongoing experience of Loaf is a nightmare. Who knows when this issue will be resolved? Who knows if I will ever receive a new sofa? Who knows if it will be a botched job? This has been so stressful and upsetting and I cannot express strongly enough how little disregard Loaf has for its customers. (Note: I expect someone from Loaf pretend to be disappointed at my review and what i have experienced. They will ask me to get in touch following this review, and I am expecting it will make no difference to the customer service I am currently receiving)

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