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Kathy's complaint against Bathstore

Kathy Hanwell


Bathstores false representation - total joke.

Complaint against Bathstore

2014 we purchased a complete bathroom/wetroom with the supposedly expertise of the sales team. We were advised after explaining the new wet room was for an elderly man with walking difficulties they had the perfect solution. The items were ordered and the full amount approx 9,000 was paid upfront as instructed by Bathstores policy. There was no inspection of the property as to where the delivery would go, where the contractors would be able to park and most of all would the planning on the computer coincide with the room space in the bathroom etc etc. The delivery arrived. The contractors ( cowboys ) arrived. The work began. The foreman wanted parking permits for his team and himself amounting in total to nearly £300.00. This should have been arranged prior to the arrival of the workforce. The foreman left the men to start while he disappeared onto another outstanding job close by using the permit we supplied !!! The men he left behind did not speak any english so it was difficult to converse with them. Anyway the foreman returned to then explain that they need to change the plans. The radiator was put on another wall where the old radiator originally was and a false wall was put in place to hide the pressure pump. By doing this we lost much needed space and a pump that was inaccessible and a smashed out joist causing a bulge and crack to the stairwell, plus a massive leak from the now hidden pump causing severe flooding. The bathroom was a complete nightmare and out of use for days. The installation manager turned up after we complained and sacked the lot there and then on the spot. NEXT a new team of workers arrived to remove the whole bathroom and re-do again. They moved the pump to a cupboard outside the bathroom leaving the false wall. They left the radiator in place. To cut along story short the bathroom was finished but to a very low standard of work. The complaints followed and managers came and went. In the meantime more leaks, more damage, more shabby workmanship. The furniture ombusman was contacted. A snagging list was made up of which we disagreed. So the fight goes on and I'm like a dog with a bone I will not let this rest. I have contacted , watchdog, rip off Britain and numerous papers and have had some response of which I am now corresponding. The thing I hate most is that you have to pay the all the money up front firstly. Secondly you cannot go into the store where you ordered as everything has to be done online or telephone for complaints, and thirdly and most of all the shuffle of staff and managers means that you never speak to the same person which is so infuriating and soul destroying. If you are reading this be very aware that they do get it wrong and that do not put your trust in them. I will never recommend them to anyone. The saga continues.

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Louise Race | | VERIFIED

Hi Kathy, I also have had the most terrible experience with Bathstore. Its taken 2 years and i'm still fighting after spending 10,000 for such a shoddy job and stressful time. I approached Trading Standards and am now going to go to Rip off Britain and Watchdog. As you mentioned this is your review I wonder how far you got with it. I am happy to discuss this as these people should be stopped.
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