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Complaint against Bathstore

Having placed my bathroom order with the Bathstore in Erith in June and arranging the delivery for Wednesday 20th June I went on to book a weeks annual leave from work and arranged for my wife and two children to move in with grand parents for the week whilst the bathroom was installed, this would give me 9 days to install a bathroom with two people working on the project. Having checked my order on Saturday 23rd June my experience of dealing with Bathstore went rapidly downhill. Sunday 24th June I went back to the Erith Bathstore to return incorrect bath taps that were advised, I also had the incorrect shower valves. I was advised by the store manager that delivery would not be until Wednesday 27th June, however I should call back on Monday 28th and he was 70% sure he could get an earlier delivery. Upon calling on Monday 25th June, I was told the store manager was not in when speaking to a male Bathstore sales assistant, and whilst trying to explain my conversation with his manager the previous day he put the phone down on me saying ‘yeah yeah I will log it on the system and sort it’ however he did not take any of my details to know who I was – so how was he going to log anything? On Monday 25th June I sent an email to Customer Services and Erith Bathstore to inform them of the incorrect shower head and the incorrect Slant Tall Unit – which was delivered in the wrong colour, my wife then went on to spend 45 minutes on the phone with Customer Service arranging delivery of replacements. On Tuesday 26th June I get a phone call from Customer Services to discuss my issues and take payment of another £357.00 for the tall unit replacement despite the fact I had already paid for it on my original order – I was told that I would get the refund once the incorrect unit was back in the warehouse – please advise me if I had not had £357.00 what would have been the process for replacing the incorrect product you delivered to me in the first place? Tuesday 26th June – I call the Erith Bathstore manager to inform him that the S-Frame he said I needed to have a wall hung toilet with my Slant toilet Unit does not fit, he advised me that he would call technical and get back to me which he did saying that technical said it should fit and I should call them to find out how – so I call technical – explain the unit and he responds with yes that bracket does not work with that unit you need the Sentinel Brackets and arranged for delivery of these for Wednesday 27th June. I then call back the Erith Bathstore manager to explain and also arrange an exchange on the basin taps as being as I had to change the bath taps I wanted matching basin taps – again had to pay a further £60.00. Delivery of Tall unit, taps, Sink unit (which was not delivered in the first place) shower head and toilet brackets arrived on Wednesday 27th, on Thursday 28th I get a 2nd tall unit delivered (I only ordered one). On Sunday after spending 2 days making the new toilet brackets (which are designed to go into concrete floor) work on a wooden floor we line up the toilet only to find that the height of the brackets with the unit means that the wall hung pan sits on it with the pre-cut gap showing at the bottom – again I question your brochure can you really have a wall hung toilet with the Slant toilet unit? So to re-cap: • No sink unit • Incorrect taps advised for bath so had to be returned • Incorrect toilet bracket • Incorrect shower valves • Incorrect shower head • Incorrect tall unit • Incorrect waste and over flow for bath (as a result of changing taps) • Incorrect basin taps (as a result of changing bath taps) • Slant toilet unit not fir for a wall hung pan • Sentinel brackets should be bolted to concrete floor however had to spend time and more money on rigging up brackets to be held on a wooden floor supported by wall I do not expect to spend in excess of £4000.00 on your bathroom products to have so much gone wrong, let alone have to pay out over £400.00 to correct incorrect products and wait for refunds. So back to the fact that my family (including me) had to move out for what should have been a week, with my two children sharing an airbed on the floor we should have moved back home on Saturday/Sunday. We are still unable to move back home, I am now back to work as had a weeks annual leave and because of time spent chasing around getting the right products and waiting time I have no working bathroom – this is the direct result of the Bathstore and I would like compensation for this in the form of refund and or your fitting team coming out to complete the bathroom installation. I am currently still waiting for them to rectify the Slant toilet unit.

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