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Complaint against Brightlife UK

i have tried several times to send emails, but unsuccessfully? WHAT IS YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS??? thank you! i bought a circulation pro from "EASYLIFE" IN MAY this year! I returned it and was sent another! when I wanted a refund! Anyway, the machine will not work using 2 gel pads! It is shown in the instruction that you can use 2 gel pads! so I returned the second m/c! BUT IN MY HASTE I REURNED THE M/C TO "YOU", IN LIVERPOOL! IT WOULD BE OF ENORMOUS HELP IF YOU COULD FIND THE M/C FOR ME? IF YOU DO I WILL PAY FOR YOU TO RETURN THE M/C TO "EASYLIFE"? I AM 76 AND NOT IN GOOD HEALTH! I HAVE ARTHRITUS AND PROSTATE CANCER AND HAVE DIFFICUTLY WITH MOBILITY! SORRY TO BE AN OLD "MOAN" BUT I HAD TO SCRAP MY CAR RECENTLY (mot. failure!) AND HAVE HAD TO TAKE A LOAN TO GET ANOTHER! AS I CANNOT DO WITH OUT THE CAR! i cannot write off £100 without a fight! SO I AM HOPING YOU CAN HELP ME TO LOCATE THE "CIRCULATION PRO" M/C( which is £100) FOR ME! THANKS FOR YOUR HELP! REGARDS! MIKE TULLEY

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