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Mr Darren's complaint against Brightlife UK

Mr Darren Eddom


I received some Cheques not in my name I Requested they change them no reply .

Complaint against Brightlife UK

I received 2 Cheques to my Address for a lad that was Living here part time , when I asked them to change them to my name I got no Reply , I've also Ordered some Items for my self ,like a Radio Co trolled Wall climbing Car for my Son for Christmas , I've not received it plus I've ordered a Christmas Decoration Musical , Moving Christmas Scene , I've not received them either . Then there is the 2 watches a Friend bought me 1 Silver and 1 Gold LED light up Watches , Unfortunately the Alarms do not work on them, and after several letters of Complaints to their Customer Service Team Manager I've yet to Receive those Items. I have told them that they have till Friday the 21 to send me my Items before I go to the Courts and take them to Court. I've Spoken to Trading Standards as well as Citizens Advice and they have told me I'm in my Full Legal Rights to Peruse them for these Funds and Items , as well as for Compensation for Stress as well . This is not the First Time I've had problems and Issues with this Company .I'm on ESA , I'm Bankrupt Due to Medical Reasons I'm going through an Enormous Amount of Stress right now plus I'm on 36 tablets a Day , my Ex Wife has stopped me seeing my SON which I'm fighting in Court for and I'm taking the council to Court over the Bedroom Tax issues, I'm takingthe Police to Court for Unlawful Arrest and GBH , iI'm taking a Garage call AUTO AFFORD to Court as he did a Repair on my Car and after I PAID him it ended up costing me a Further £2,500:00 for a New Engine, Labour, Parts and Costs . All I'm asking is that they abide by their Terms and Conditions and Send the Customer what is rightfully theirs thank you Regards Mr Darren Eddom.

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