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Jan's complaint against Next

Jan Andrews


Store card account

Complaint against Next

My store card account has always been paid without fail everymonth, however 3 months ago they informed me that my account was suspended because I was only paying the minimum payment. I complained but didn't get any satisfactory response, just excuses. Now, as of two days ago, I received a mail saying that they had lowered my limit. By doing this, they have in fact now made me over my limit, which I see purely as a bullying tactic to make me pay my account quicker so that it does not affect my credit file. I have paid as in the original terms, its says you can pay a minimum payment and I have, now I am being penalised for it to the point of ruining my credit file when I have done nothing wrong. I find these actions unfair and unacceptable..I wasn't over my limit until they lowered it. They know that by doing this I will have to pay a lump sum to get below this new limit that they have given me...totally unfair...

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