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Claire's complaint against Boohoo

Claire Lewis


Un-resolved and ignored complaint

Complaint against Boohoo

I have submitted a complaint to boohoo regarding not receiving my items. The delivery company that they are using DX is absolutely shocking! They emailed me to say that my parcel had been delivered- it hadn't! There was no calling card in sight and I was certainly confused! So I called them, costing me 7p per minute can I add. The incompentent women I spoke to on the phone said they had delivered it but could not say where they have delivered it to. She simply had no idea where the courier took my parcel (she admitted this to me) and said the house has a car outside, the house has solar panels, the house could be on the corner- she was obviously looking on google street view and saying random things she saw, apparently we was playing a game of I spy. She then went on to spell out the name that has signed for my parcel (oh yeah someone signed for it but they had no idea where) she spelled out the word 'PEST'! Fantastic! So after explaining this to boohoo they emailed me back wanting me to answer several questions about my house which I happily and sarcastically answered and I have yet to hear back from them. I have emailed them 4 times and nothing- What amazing customer service they offer their customers. So now I'm going to write this all over social media and the internet.

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