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suya's complaint against Aldi

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bad cashier behaviour

Complaint against Aldi

yesterday evening about 7 to 8 Pm, i and my husband went to Aldi Selly Oak 626 Bristol road Birmingham UK.We bought 19 bottles beer, when the lady cashier check barcode on the bottle, she pushed the checked bottle to the platform very rude. I was standing there waiting for collecting.suddenly one bottled drop out of platform by her rude pushing, the bottle burst and beer sprayed on my face, eye,my coat as well my boots. the things happened so suddenly and just in front me, it really scared me. one security guard help me lot on time, he comforted me and cleaned floor etc...., I very appreciate. however, from beginning the incident to end, the lady cashier didn't apologize and keep expressionless face. it seems that is not her fault but me. I am very unhappy for her careless work. she never think about aftereffect, if I my eye was injured by glass, my rest of life will be changed by her and I will sue her and Aldi as well ask for large compensation. I don't understand how she can work like this?

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