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Caroline's complaint against Aldi

Caroline Clemmet


Bullying intimidation from Store Manager Steve Madden

Complaint against Aldi

A new line was opened for service .I put several items on conveyer belt using wooden barrier .Id let man behind me go in front.Suddenly the man serving shouted to me to get my things off and put back in my trolley.Shocked i looked up as i know customers are rushed through as a rule and couldnt believe he was speaking to me.The man in front had lots of room .The operator told m,e again put your things back in trolley He was loud dictatorial rude and intimidating.I could see he had an arrogant attitude but totally unjustified.shouting at me like a child.I saidno ive only put a few things on the conveyer and asked the ,man in front had enough space and he said he was fine.I stood back and waited It was like he was making an example of being a bully towards a child.. I said to him seems power has got to you to be speaking in such a manner.He didnt like that .Threw a wooden barrier down the conveyer belt which CTV should capture and was then hurrying me .I said im not being harrassed and bullied by you .I told him his attitude was disgusting .He ordered me out the store.I said ive done nothing wrong .Ill call police as i felt harrassed and bullied by him.I asked for manager to which he said he was and refused to give me his name.I took my time .Im a psychologist and knew he had problems .He had no people skills no nice manner .Totally dictatorial bullying .Almost delusions of grandeur. Seeing himself in a different role..Ive shopped at M & S anywhere and everywhere worldwide .even enjoyed aldis in Berlin.I have never come across such behaviour in my life.This man should not be behind a till.He was disagreable unhappy hostile dictatorial a complete bully. I would sack him immediately if he worked for me..I hope the CTV captures the wooden batton being thrown in the air as proof you have a m,an not equipped to deal with 2 customers .I deal with life and death always have being a nursing sister and practitioner as well as psychologist.Steven Madden is in the wrong job.He cannot cope .I rang the police to get advice about reporting him . ..I

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