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Terry's complaint against Aldi

Terry Thomas


Not enough check outs available

Complaint against Aldi

I went to the Aldi store in Carterton Oxfordshire and when filling my baskets I found that only 3 asiles were in operation. Each aisle was full of shoppers and many other shoppers were waiting to move onto the aisles when they become available. It took 20 minutes to shop in Aldi but took 45 minutes to get to the service area. I complained about the delay and noticed a senior till lady talking to the boss of Aldi and could see they were looking at the asilses but did nothing about the situation. They were just chatting and not intent of servicing the customers for the whole period that I was waiting for my goods to be checked at the customer till. It was a very unpleasant occasion and I will not bother to shop there again as I can see there is a too casual nature of servicing customers. Thank you Terry

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