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Paul's complaint against Aldi

Paul Townsend


overcharged at Aldi checkout yet again

Complaint against Aldi

I am a regular customer of the Longwell Green store and nearly each time on a family sized shop I have found errors in the till receipt. I always check our till receipt before leaving the store and today for instance i spotted that i had been charged twice for a single item and reported it to a member of staff and was given a full refund. However when i started to unpack the other items at home i have spotted another item that i have been overcharged for. On a family size shop it's not always easy to check each item against the receipt. I am all for speedy check outs but not when it's costing me more than i should be paying. But the good points are Aldi shoppers rave about the meat and fish selections. Prices are as low as you can get, and nobody tries to flog you bags for life or hassles you about collecting school vouchers at the check-out.

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