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Alan's complaint against Aldi

Alan Shorthose



Complaint against Aldi

I have been wrongly (overcharged) charged for an item for the second time in as many weeks, and from different Aldi stores. In each case an item has been scanned twice - whether intentionally or in haste I cannot say, but I suspect the latter. Because of Aldi's "fast" checkout, it is impossible to see exactly what has been scanned and also impossible to check every item of a bill in a crowded store.

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John Nevile | | VERIFIED

Happens all the time - simply due to the speed at which items are thrown through the tills. Not the staff's fault - they have tough targets to meet, or they lose pay. Aldi will do what they always do - say it's a very regrettable one-off, for which they're very sorry. And it won't happen again - except, of course, it will. Time after time after time. A very useful addition to Aldi's profits - and you never, ever, find it working the other way, with too few items being charged for. How odd!
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