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Liam's complaint against Aldi

Liam Connell


Rude staff

Complaint against Aldi

I went shopping at 21:40 on the 16/08/16 and the lady scanning my shopping was doing it extremely fast, I was trying to get my shopping in the bags as quickly as I could when I heard her say "are you going to pay anytime today" I was astounded and shocked and I asked her to repeat it and she told me to "be quiet" I then asked to see the manager, without asking me what it was about she radioed the manager telling him someone wanted to speak to him about her attitude! The manager eventually came over and I told him what I've wrote in this email and his reply "we are all tired at this time of night" I'm genuinely shocked that a staff member would speak to a customer in this way, it would never happen in any of the other supermarkets!

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Mark Jenkins | | VERIFIED

Was at Aldi talbot green (wales) and the TIL assistant was rude to me for no reason as I was only trying to be of help. Incident happened 7:15 pm 4/3/21

Mark Jenkins | | VERIFIED

I was waiting to be served and the chap in front of me wanted a refund along with his shopping, the assistant finished the refund but it looked to me that she may have forgot his goods so I innocently said “they are his” and she jumped right down my throat really staring at me and I asked her “where are you getting to?” As her attitude towards me was starting to get at me and I walked out of there
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