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Mohammed's complaint against EA Sports

Mohammed Ahmed


EA rip off

Complaint against EA Sports

I play need for speed no limits. And I find that when you accumulate blue prints by replying races. When you choose the blue print from the 3 cards sometimes no matter which one you choose you never get the right one. This is because they have rigged their game so you don’t win the blue print for the car. So that instead you will have to pay for those blue prints when EA offer them for sale for real money. It’s a blatant scam. I had a game with a garage full of cars including some really good cars. Instead of giving my game back they gave me half a game with a few of the cars. And now they always offer me to buy the cars that I previously already had won in their events and paid money even to win those cars. They think people are stupid. To pay over and over again for the same thing. This is a big time rip off.

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