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Travis's complaint against EA Sports

Travis Dolan


EA States speak to Sony for a refund, Sony says, contact EA support for this issue.

Complaint against EA Sports

Having played Fifa 17 for about a month, I had invested a number of fifa points purchases into my squad. The game offers Squad Building Challenges, a feature in which a player builds a squad with certain requirements, buying players that are needed from the transfer market with in game coins. The player then submits the squad, losing those players, and receives a reward that is normally determined by the average cost of the build, and the time it takes to complete it. However, upon working on a larger build, featuring a full 16 teams from the same league, I discovered during the last few teams that the prices had skyrocketed from what a friend had stated it cost him to complete the day before. At this point, all of my spare in-game coins were already spent turning in the first 12 teams. Since the remaining teams looked to cost about 120k, versus the 70k for the first 12, I had 3 options. Sell players to complete the challenge, or play 240 games (roughly 500 coins a game), or just count my losses, and lose 70k outright. Adding it up, I had already lost. You see, the featured rewards were an untradeable striker, probably worth about 10k, 15k coins, and a Jumbo Rare Players Pack listed for 100k when they become available in the store for purchase with coins. This, a total of 125k in prizes, for an estimated cost of 210k. Regardless of the option I took, I was going to lose roughly 85k. However, being the optimist I am, I sold a few players, and finished the challenge, depending on the luck of the pack to pull me out of this hole. Unfortunately, the pack bombed. The 100k valued back brought me only 40k in players. Nonetheless, at face value, I had already lost the coins, this just made matters worse. After spending 2 weeks attempting to receive coin reimbursement, fifa points, and even a reset to my entire game, I received no resolution other than, "Sorry". The game reset, along with the fifa points I purchased reestablished, would basically allow me to start from square one, (effectively giving away all my match bonuses and other SBC rewards). So finally, I pushed for a refund. They advisor I contacted was quick to state that it was understandable, however, since I purchased the points through the Playstation Network, I would have to request the refund from them. As we all know how Sony treats refunds, I'll just state, their answer was, "Sorry, but you will have to find a resolution with EA". Putting me right back to square one. This issue is now going on 4 weeks, and I see no resolution to the case. Finally, I would also like to state the cost of the FIFA points lost through this. $310. As I am not filthy rich, this is the main reason for the weeks of effort to replace what I feel I lost.

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