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Alastair's complaint against EA Sports

Alastair Letham


Game not working, spend lots of money and time trying to solve the issue. Never got fixed.

Complaint against EA Sports

Dear The EA Customer Experience Team, I have an issue where my Red Alert 3 will not open. I called yesterday and ended up having to call 5 different times to try to troubleshoot my issue, totally close to 2 and a half hours of call time. This troubleshooting involved all of the basic things, as well as me having to reinstall the game 3 times, download some third party programs and other things. None of these fixes helped and I had to end the calling for the day because it got to your closing time for your call centre. During these calls, I had to explain my issue and give my email and product key over and over again to around 8 different people. Half of these people seemed to no listen to a word I said when I described the issue, I would be 10 minutes into a call with someone before them revealing that they thought the problem was that I couldn't see Red Alert 3 on my games page, another one thought that I was trying to connect my PSN account to my origin account. It's as if they ignored me and then tried to guess my issue. In one of the calls I had a man tell me for 10 minutes that I didn't own Red Alert 3 and that he could give me a special offer to buy if for 3.99, after telling him I did in fact own the game and explaining how I bought it repeatedly he eventually figured out that I was correct. I don't have a very good internet. One guy told me to reinstall the game, which I did, took me a couple of hours, and then when I called back with it not working still, another one told me to reinstall the game but using a third party piece of software. I feel like these steps could have been combined. The call involved me being on hold for a very long amount of time, and I ended up spending over 12 pounds in call fees. 10 of those pounds I realise I should have just used to buy Red Alert 3 on steam, which would have had no issues (it's what my friends are playing on). So today I called, having giving up asking for this email address, the guy seemed very reluctant to give me the email. It wasn't until I had asked a few times that he decided to let me have the complaints email, which he said would be sent to me and soon as he hung up. I waited 2 hours and still had not received any email, so I called back. Spoke to someone who told me that it had already been escalated so I only needed to wait for a couple more hours. I told him that all I needed was an email address, he kept repeating that it has been escalated, once again having no clue what I had been telling him. Eventually he put me through to another guy (I had to explain my issue once again), who immediately sent me the email that I am now replying to. My case numbers are 21208285, 21223358, 21208619 21210146. There may be others but I don't know where to find them. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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