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Ian's complaint against EA Sports

Ian Mcdermott



Complaint against EA Sports

hello, my 7 year old bought 12,000 fifa 16 ultimate team points for £79.99 without me knowing. Now he used 1700 of them points so I still have 10,300 left. I was only requesting a refund for the 10,300 that I have left. I got in touch with EA sports who said because they were bought from PSN store I had to deal with them. I spoke to playstation support who said that it was my responcibility and that because there was no way they cud get the points back that I'm not entitled to a refund. I then went back to EA sports who said to me they could take the points out of my account and get in touch with PlayStation support to say this has been done so I can get a refund. (I have screenshots of my conversation with EA) I then went back to playstation to tell them this and they asked me to send the screenshots in and that they havnt got the authority to offer a refund but they will send it all to a different department "as a good will gesture" which is not contactable for customers. I then got a reply saying that because some points were used they cant part refund a transaction, they would have to refund £79.99 and theyd only be getting 10,300 points back. I then said id top the points up to the original 12,000 points, id get ea to take the 12,000 and they could refund me the £79.99, once again they refused and said this was not possible and my case is now closed. I have all the relevant emails from playstation support aswell as screenshots from EA. I did speak over the phone with PlayStation at some point and that's when the guy I spoke to asked for the screenshots from EA to be sent in. I just feel PlayStation are just making the rules up as they go along and have not helped me in any way. Everytime they said why they couldn't I gave a counter response and they just shut it down and said something else, Pease help. Thanks

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sony gave me a full refund
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