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Robbie's complaint against Nitrotek

Robbie Bennett


Terrible after sales service - avoid

Complaint against Nitrotek

Bought an item from them after they confirmed twice that it was the part I wanted. After placing the order they then told me it was out of stock, and it took three weeks for them to ship it. When it arrived, it wasn't the part they said it was. They refused to send me a returns label, insisting that I returned the item at my own expense "for their engineers to inspect... NO EXCEPTIONS...." So here's the gig, and I trust this site will find this factual enough! There is no way you're allowed to speak to anyone at Nitrotek after you've placed an order - human contact is only allowed up to the point you've parted with your money, after which ALL customers are forced to deal via an online system. It can take up to three days to get a reply, which on several occasions in my case was just the same information cut and pasted into a reply, in what looked like an attempt to put me off and avoid giving me a refund. 56 emails later, I finally got the original purchase and postage refunded - then I had to start the battle to have the return postage refunded, which I was advised by Trading Standards (who say they are familiar with this company from previous complaints) that they were obliged to do. Several more iterations of email prevarication - and in the end reporting them formally to Trading Standards for investigation - I finally got that money back as well. A truly appalling service experience, and I won't ever be spending money with them again. Sadly, users of this site may find it difficult to get a balanced view of the service provided, as the company is much more proactive and adept at having negative reviews removed from sites like this, and the other "Trusty" one, than they are at dealing with the legitimate complaints of their own Customers. I would invite them to revisit their priorities in this respect! I will not be back, and invite you to draw your own conclusions. (Mods - I trust this now meets your guidelines, and will not be removed this time. Other consumers need to be able to access balanced feedback on suppliers, not have sites like this actively managed to only give feedback your paying companies want to have online. Thanks.)

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