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Luiz's complaint against Nitrotek



What a disgraceful company!

Complaint against Nitrotek

What a disgraceful company! I ordered two nitro remote control cars from you (order number #100027762) at considerable expense, over £350,00, for Christmas presents this year. After opening them on Christmas day neither would run despite watching your DVD, visiting your website and watching scores of videos on youtube. Five hours later I decided to give up, causing misery to my son and nephew on Christmas day. I have been trying the car (Condor pro) constantly since and have discovered that it is not possible to blow through the connection between the rubber tube and the top of the exhaust. The car will start when primed but cuts out almost immediately. My brother in law has the other car (NBC Truggy) and has informed me he has spent over eight hours since Christmas day trying to start his and although it does occasionally start it also cuts out immediately and is incredibly difficult to start in the first place. Information I have researched from the internet says the car should not be this difficult to start as it comes pre set from the factory. I have traced one of the problems back to a faulty exhaust (condor pro) The valve that connects the top of the exhaust to the top of the fuel tank is blocked. I spent £49 on a new exhaust from a different shop and the car started immediately, however during the first tank run in the gears stripped themselves without even touching the throttle! would like either a replacement car or a refund or I will be going to trading standards as I was sold a faulty vehicle. The second car I was sold won't even start despite being primed (nbc truggy) research suggests these cars should not be this impossible to start and I would also like this car replaced or refunded and I will buy from a different company! This is one of several attempts to contact your company!! You have been deleting our emails and our Facebook posts. We have had no response from you.

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Rob Sutton | | VERIFIED

I am also having huge problems getting a refund from them for faulty and damaged goods. Trading Standards it is...good luck
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