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Helen's complaint against Cineworld

Helen williams


I was sold wrong ticket resulting in missing half hour of the film . No response to original e-maill

Complaint against Cineworld

Dear Sir/Madam My husband and I went to see Star Wars at cine world Mary Ann street Cardiff on 19/12/15. Whilst my husband parked the car I booked the tickets I was told we could see the 18.00 showing in 3D or the 18.30 in 2 D , I was told there would be approx 20 mins of trailers before the film started. So at 18.03 I bought 2 tickets for the 18.00 showing for £22.40. We were very disappointed that the film had started when we entered cinema at 18.18 but thought we had only missed a couple of minutes. We entered just as RAy and Fin were running from an explosion towards the millennium falcon. It wasn't until we were in the car park paying for my ticket and realised we hadn't been in town long enough that we suspected we had missed more than a few minutes, on closer inspection I had been sold tickets for the 17.20 show and therefore directed to wrong screen. it became apparent that we missed at least half hour of the film I e-mailed my complaint next morning but haven' t received a response. I went to cine world on 23/12/15 and spoke to the supervisor Nick about the mix up, he said he would give us vouchers if he could but would have to speak to his manager Amelia . Amelia said I should wait for a response to my e-mail and gave me a telephone number 03330033444. I telephoned the number that evening and spoke to Yan who said he couldn't access e- mails , he suggested I wait for a response if I didn't hear anything to e-mail again to [email protected] I am looking for a refund or tickets to see the film from the start. Please acknowledge receipt of this e-mail Yours faithfully Helen Williams

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