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Maureine's complaint against H&M

Maureine paggett


Pricing and mark up

Complaint against H\u0026M

I was in your store 9/3/16salesman127271 I purchased a top 99380 grey it was marked up as £10, but reduced to £7 clearly marked it was not as your salesman said tippexed out it was a definite price tag and when he put it through the till asked me for £14.99 .i questioned this as the price was £7reduced from £10. He said it had been altered with tippexed which was not as so I am a regular customer and I said trading standards would like to see this labelling he was not bothered that I asked this and asked me if I wanted. The top at £14.99 as soon as i paid and walked away he called to a colleague to check the pricing on these tops and I watched as she went through all of them now I know there was a problem but as a customer I felt my rights had been overlooked I think you should visit this store and give your staff some customer focused training as this is not acceptable the store is. Mk1milton keynesstadium way store gbo777 time I was in store 15.07 no 2855 I would like an apology as there were other customers in the shop I did not like to draw attention to myself for daring to query the price but a word in your staffs ear about his conduct would be appreciated , but

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