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Ovidiu Iulian Radoni's complaint against Shopper Discounts and Rewards

Ovidiu Iulian Radoni Lisacenco


[RESOLVED] - Charged for an unused subscription

Complaint against Shopper Discounts and Rewards

Hello I have noticed last night that I've been paying for a so-called membership to Shopper Discounts, £10 every month. I went back as far as I was allowed on my bank statements and was shocked to see that there are 33 transactions in total (or maybe even more but unfortunately i cant acces older info at the moment from 17.02.2014 to 17.10.2016 and the next payment will be deducted soon. Please help me on getting a full refund and a cancellation of this subscription as all this happened without me knowingly entering in this scheme. Also I haven't used their service or had any benefit after it. So please help me get my money back and stop this as this situation has put a lot of stress and frustration on me and my family not to mention that our income is quite low and always struggling. I would never wittingly enroll in such progamms. I hope you can understand and do something in my case. Thank you

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Shopper Discounts and Rewards resolved this complaint

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Hello Ovidiu: I received the email that you sent to me yesterday and I've sent you a response with full details on the resolution to your query. If you did not receive my email, please contact me at [email protected] so that I can resend it to you and make sure this matter is resolved for you. Kind regards, Mary, The Shopper Discounts & Rewards team

Ovidiu Iulian Radoni Lisacenco | | VERIFIED

Thank you Mary for your help. I think the refund for last 3 months is still in process as I can't see it in my account. I've also send the form for the full refund as per your instructions and I'm now waiting for their reply. I'll keep you updated. Thank you. Ovidiu

Ovidiu Iulian Radoni Lisacenco | | VERIFIED

All done now. I've been refunded £330. Thank you very very much for everything . Your help is much appreciated and we are very grateful.

Ovidiu Iulian Radoni Lisacenco | | VERIFIED

Professionally dealt with my case.thank you
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