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Jo-Ann's complaint against Black & Decker

Jo-Ann Lilley


leaf blower exploded up my leg and caused injury

Complaint against Black \u0026 Decker

I was blowing the leafs out of my garden sunday morning and the leaf blower exploded up my leg. The fan insided it shattered and blew a hole out the side of the plastic casing and went stright into my leg.Pieces flew everywhere. I had little bits of plastic in my leg (that went through my trousers)which i pulled out but later had to go up A&E to get the last little piece out and get it cleaned up. I am now left with a massive briuse on the top right side of my leg and a few cuts. This was my grandads leaf blower which i borrowed off him- he is 91yrs old and thank god it exploded on me as this could have been alot more serious.

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