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Kay's complaint against Galaxy Stores

Kay Pearson


Galaxy mini continued problem. I have had continued problems with my galaxy mini since I took it out

Complaint against Galaxy Stores

I have had systematic problems with the camera, unable to receive or send pictures unless it via wassap. Photos take an eternity to load. My phone battery drains if it is using mobile data. I have continually complained to Talk Mobile, Geek Squad, Technical support; my phone was send in for repair due to faulty camera. My phone came back 3 weeks later with the same fault. I was advised by a member of the Geek Squad that my phone could be replaced. However; when I took the phone back to the store, it did not meet the criteria for a replacement phone and would have to go back to the repairers. As my dad has dementia and cancer I cannot be without my phone. I talked to talk mobile with a view to up grading due to the poor quality of the phone; I was informed I would have to pay the remainder of my contract. As I am going on holiday in 2 weeks time and decided to get a contract for another Samsung Galaxy Js as it is imperative that I have access to a reliable phone. I contacted talk mobile yet again to explain why I had to get a new contract and requested a PAC number. I was refused this unless I paid £126 to terminate existing contract. I explained the circumstances of my need for an early upgrade. I was in phoned that I should be entitled to a new replacement phone. I explained that I had already been down this route and was refused a phone. The operative told me to complain to Samsung direct. Please help as I'm a pensioner who now has to pay two contracts through no fault of my own Regards Kay Pearson

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