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sylwia's complaint against Poundland

sylwia bartczak


Horrible product

Complaint against Poundland

I would like to make complaint against your crap store! Today I bought for my toddler girl juice called NAS CRACKER a&s&c with apple juice and cranberries and strawberries i gave to my toddler but i wanted to try if is good i wanted buy more. I bought 3 of them. When I tasted , taste awful, horrible like must (mouldy!!!) i came back to store for refund and making complaint. Staff wanted to help me buy rude manager said that taste ok . I know how dishonest can be producers what if they use to make this juice damaged fruits? I asked this rude manager what if my baby will be sick? so what if date is ok but product can be damaged if for example storage in incorrect way? this rude unhelpful manager said they can refund me , i said i wanna make complaint and she said ok , but she won't refund me. And that was it. I returned last 2 juices and left this for me damaged juice, for them! I was so mad!!! what a crap store! clients create markets so if product taste awful they can improved . When I made complaint against water in tesco which was smell like damaged eggs I received apology refund and apology from producer and even some voucher. To make me happy. From now i hate your store i won't never ever any food from you!!! Looks how crap you are on THRUSTPILOT you received 2 stars and a lot of complaints. I think you like loosing clients it's your choice . If you don't know how to treat them with respect. This store i'm complaining about is in Falkirk Scotland Central Retail Park, Falkirk FK1 1LW. I hate it very much. tell producer of this jucie that makes the most horrible juice i have ever tasted tasted like mould!!! I think that my complaint could be like warning what if this product is really damaged mouldy and someone will get really sick?

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Maya Kowalczyk | | VERIFIED

Hahahahahahahhaaa....fucking vegan twat!

Maya Kowalczyk | | VERIFIED


Maya Kowalczyk | | VERIFIED

I would also like to make a complaint against Bartczak: she is responsible for the dumbing down of future generations.
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