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Christie 's complaint against Poundland

Christie Wilkinson


Lorry driver- harlow

Complaint against Poundland

One of your lorry drivers going to the Harlow depot just nearly crushed 2 cars on the a414. Around 4.45-5pm today the 6th August there was heavy traffic coming from ware into Harlow on the a414. Your lorry driver decided not to sit in traffic but to instead nearly crush me and another car to push into our lane to turn right at a roundabout. No indication that he was coming over instead the car in front had to speed up and I had to slam on my brakes even then he nearly caught the front right wing of my car. He proceeded to make hand signals when several cars blasted their horns at him for his dangerous driving. He was an older man around 60. He should not be a lorry driver, if it wasn’t for me and the car infronts quick reactions we could of been seriously hurt and he had no care in the world what he had just done. He had plenty of time to get in the lane of traffic but his impatience nearly caused a serious accident. He was in a plain green lorry with only a small sign of the back with Poundland recruitment if that makes it easier to identify him.

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