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Complaint against Poundland

Hello I bough some dummies in a pound land store in Poole for sister, she had bought some too, I wanted to swap then over, I asked a man in the Poole store if he could help, me, he then got another person, he told me me I could swap them, I looked round the store for items I could swap with, I took them to the till, the women said I couldn't, I had said a man said I could, she said they don't swap down the health and beauty ilse, the supervisor came, she had no name badge and wore a dirty top, she stood with her hands on her hips and said in my face I am the supervisor and I know what the policy's are, she didn't say sorry for what I have already been told, she was roud and had a bad attitude for someone working with people in a store. I was shocked how poor the store must be run if the first two boys told me I could, none of the stuff know the policy's and I didn't know the policy. I can understand why they cant be swapped, but I'm disgusted in how I was treated, she just stood there and said I'm the supervisor, it was roud and she was not what id call supervisor material to talk speak so badly mannered to Customers.

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