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Jo's complaint against Poundland

Jo Brown


Sexist T-shirts for toddlers

Complaint against Poundland

Poundland is selling pink T-shirts for small girls with the logo "Lock up your daughters" This may sound like harmless banter to some. But, it is outrageous and blatant misogamy and sends this dangerous message to young boys and men (who are already drenched with depraved and stereotypical attitudes towards women and girls, especially from on-line obscene sites, but also, in every day misogamist attitudes in the media and from misogamist male attitude towards women in general) that females are vulnerable and easy victims. And that it is okay for them to be predators. Meanwhile, giving the message to young girls that they must hide away from males who think they are entitled to harass women for sex. Recently, on a Bus, a teenage Arab boy, full of bravado, strode up to me with his mates in tow. Although, there was no child with me, he sneered "Give me your daughter, how much?" I replied, "Since my daughter is 2 yrs old, you must be a paedophile." He quickly retreated into the snivelling, indignant little creep that he is, professing in a panic that he was, (in his words) "not one of them sick types". His mates laughed and poked fun at him. I told him, that he would make others think of him as a 'sick' pervert with attitudes like that towards females. I'm a mature person. I dress conservatively. I walk confidently in the street and mind my own business, yet, I have been propositioned a number of times and asked "How much? " or although, I'm wearing sunglasses and a cap, so they cannot see my face, they sneer "Dog" or "old crow" to their mates, for no reason. Just a spiteful put down to undermine a female who has not looked in their direction. Sometimes, if I wear a Hi Viz Jacket with sunglasses when I leave my bicycle at the Station, and especially if I do anything like run up the escalator or when I'm in a hurry and I happen to slam my Rail Card onto the ticket checker device at the barrier, although, I'm a straight, heterosexual, I receive sneers of 'dyke' from males, when they can't even see my face, which is quite feminine. Are males so intimidated by females who appear strong that they have to make spiteful remarks all the time? My Mum & Dad were motorcyclists, used to go to the Ace Cafe, Neasden. We all rode 600cc,Trial bikes in the 1970's. And no-one ever commented on a female riding a high-powered bike. But, I had to give up riding motorbikes because in recent years, I got so fed up of the constant misogamist sneers of 'dyke,' 'lesi' because males now have stereotypical attitudes towards women due to the narrow image of submissive, women in on-line obscene, depraved sites featuring submissive women. And if women don't appear to behave in a submissive, simpering, vulnerable manner or don't wear provocative clothing, they are dismissed as not being available to men for their gratification, so are sneered at in derogatory terms as 'dykes'. Though, I'm heterosexual, everyone should be able to choose their orientation, without denigration. For a small female child to be made wear a T-shirt with a logo that gives the message to her that her gender is there for obscene male fantasy and gratification, while giving the message to males that women exist for their obscene fantasy and pleasure, is down right depravity. Poundland should remove these disgusting depraved messages from their T-Shirts immediately.

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