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Janet's complaint against Gemporia

Janet Devlin


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Complaint against Gemporia

I have bought a lot of rings from Gemporia. And I mean A LOT. I am also a qualified gemmologist. Here is my advice: this is not the place to buy the sort of gemstones where you would usually expect to pay a lot of money for, ie diamonds, sapphires, emeralds etc. You will simply get what you pay for, which is not good. Do not be taken in by the presenters going on about, for example, 'velvety silky sapphires'. They look velvety because they are not transparent, because they are treated, because they are very low quality. Same for the rubies. Diamonds are a commodity, so they do not come cheap unless they are low quality. NB tanzanite does not make a good engagement ring stone because it isn't hard enough for everyday wear and can be quite brittle. I have also bought many rings where stones have fallen out, often on first wearing or very soon after, due to being badly made. This is particularly embarrassing when given as gifts to friends. Having said that, you can get good stones at good prices - eg rock quartz, garnets, fluorite, amazonite, larimar, black spinel etc. The presenters can be extremely annoying and 'talk up' items which, seriously, should not be described with the same breathless admiration as Elizabeth Taylor's engagement ring. I can say I have also received good service and I think the Gemporia gang have done a lot to introduce coloured gemstones to the general public and make them accessible to everyone, including me as a gemmology student. Overall, however, I would say buyer beware!

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