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Brian's complaint against Gemporia

Brian Bedford



Complaint against Gemporia

THIS IS THE WAY YOU GET TREATED BY GEMPORIA – GEMS TV: They sent on successive occasions 5 orders of jewellery which were either not as advertised or faulty. THEY ARE OBVIOUSLY CONCERNED ABOUT MY REPLIES ON FEEFO AND DECIDED TO CONTACT ME. They did not appreciate my comments on stones: 1. Stones advertised with colour and delivered virtually colourless. 2, Stones falling out of jewellery when handled normally and not yet worn. 3. Jewellery sent with a missing stone. 4. Diamonds which were cloudy – not as advertised. 5. Heavily included stones. 6. Losing a loose ordered gemstone (cannot therefore be delivered). 7. Lousy customer service. 8. Not fully showing on screen what the item/component parts are. THE WAY THEY DEALT WITH THE ISSUES: 1. In essence told me to take my business elsewhere. 2. In essence got called a liar to 1. Above: a. ‘You are completely lying that is not what I am saying we are suspending your account’. b. Then rudely and abruptly hung up. 3. Failed to ring back as promised when complaining about this treatment even after I phoned them occasionally that I am waiting for a call (eventually did phone). TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT GEMS TV JUNK JEWELLERY ATTRACTED THE WRATH OF THE COMPANY The stone is much pale in colour as to what was shown on the screen. This follows a similar piece where the aquamarine shown medium blue on the screen turned out to be virtually colourless. This follows 1/2 carat diamond rings which when I phoned to check were G to H in colour actually were cloudy industrial grade and not G to H. Putting colour to one side, I received a beautiful Amethyst dress ring however there was a stone missing and some other claw settings were dubious. I received a ring/pendant set of colour change Fluorite -Topaz to find that one of the Topaz was shattered (looks like a piece of shattered glass. Whilst showing it to my daughter today she said there was a stone missing. There was not on delivery. On checking the bag I found a loose Topaz stone which had fallen out. The ring had never been worn and the stone came loose with normal handling. These anomalies are not spaced out over time, these are successive orders. My advice to people who have had such problems are not to think it is because you treated the items badly but because they are probably substandard in the first place. The latest Jewellery order (and probably my last jewellery order with Gems TV) is a ring with a very noticeable poor quality Kyanite stone which has a crack across it and very clear to the naked eye. I have therefore decided to return the last batch back as my trust with Gemporia (Gems TV) has been shattered. What is of concern now is that all items previously bought and kept may be of such lousy quality that they may in future ‘fall apart’??? Since I stopped getting jewellery, I reverted back to just getting the loose gemstones. Even some of these are arriving different to that seen on TV and some are not arriving at all due to them (as they say) being mislaid, or not in stock? – after ordering. Paraiba Tourmaline showing a blue colour on screen (maybe background lighting?) are clear colourless stones in reality. A rubellite mislaid after ordering as was a AAA Tanzanite which they said they would send a stone of same quality or better. It was ungraded???? (below AAA – no A certificate). And to top all that, they have suspended my account because I’m speaking out about some of the rubbish, albeit that the feefo site is there to make comments. Not really my fault that quality of goods and quality control is so bad. I phoned them to ask them to e-mail me as to why my account has been suspended and they have just ignored the request. I have important purchase history, I assume that I am entitled to as I made the purchases. They just ignore.

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Fraudsters. I bought a yellow diamond yellow gold small quantity designer ring in May and returned it June 15. It was smaller and less impressive for the $700 than it looked online, looked like a child's ring. They have had in in their warehouse in NY since JUNE 15 and won't give me my refund. In fact they charged the 2nd payment 6 days later and another one is coming. I've emailed multiple times
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