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Jim's complaint against Paddy Power

Jim Campbell


Paddy Power - BE VERY WARY!!

Complaint against Paddy Power

BE WARY, VERY WARY OF THIS COMPANY!!! I have an account for around 3-4 years, recently made a bet on a foot ball game with odds of 7/1 and placed £200 to win, so was due £1600 payout. After checking online, my account showed £1600 winnings and then immediately account was SUSPENDED with no payout. Be aware they have NO PHONELINES, No real customer contact and their webchat service is a NON SERVICE!! I was asked for nothing to set up the account, all of a sudden they wanted details of my driving licence, proof of ID, Bank statements, debit card details and credit card details and more to ""verify"" the account. After several hours of eventually managing to get on their webchat system AND providing ALL the info they asked for, at great time and hassle to myself I've still NOT been paid out!!! Immediately checking for possible resolutions I find that you have to go through "resolver" which is a complaints forum of sorts and there's no real accountability of these people. The so called verification process should supposedly take 72 hours and its now been more like 100 hours. I WILL NOT LET THIS REST and am looking at taking the story to newspapers and or taking legal advice on the matter. Do yourself a favour, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

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Jim Campbell | | VERIFIED

This all started with a bet on Thursday night and the so called verification process Friday morning 28.02.20. It is supposedly 72 hours process and now around 144 hours to date, with NO response from Paddy Power and account STILL suspended after supplying everything they asked for....smells fishy to me and concerned after seeing lots of other posts / complaints about similar behaviour!
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