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Fletcher's complaint against Clarks

Fletcher Stewart


Clarks Shoes didn't honour full voucher amount, then sold me mismatched pair of shoes - no refund.

Complaint against Clarks

Dear Clarks Shoes, This is a letter of complaint about the lack of good services at your Scarborough branch. Please read and reply promptly. I went in with my 65 pound shoe voucher I received through my employer at English Heritage. I found a pair of shoes I liked in the sale for 35 pounds and my son needed some shoes as well, so I brought the items to the counter. I was then told that my voucher only covered my one pair of shoes - despite no such stipulation noted on my voucher. Now, presumably my employer paid 65 quid for this voucher, so I find this store policy not only deceitful at my/our expense, but just downright tight. Not one to cause a scene - having worked in retail myself - I walked out feeling dissatisfied and figured that was that and I would never go back again... until I wore the shoes in bright daylight and realised they were two different colours. I bring them back for my second unpleasant experience only to be told I need a receipt - despite the fact that someone must have my English Heritage voucher on file. It is obvious that these are Clarks shoes - they have a distinct look/label and I know from working for Debenhams that you don't need a receipt for all exchanges. After all, I just wanted the bloody matching colour and it was the same lady I dealt with before who mis-sold them to me in the first place. She then tries to sell me some sort of dye to fix the problem myself - are you kidding? I will be telling everyone I know not to set foot in Clarkes and needless to say, I won't be returning myself unless this is taken care of quickly and the full 65 pound credit or proper matching shoe colour is produced. I will also suggest to head office that we deal with someone more honest for our employee shoe vouchers. Unacceptable on all levels. - Fletcher Stewart

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