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Dale's complaint against UK Homemaker

Dale Johnson


8 months and a personal injury !

Complaint against UK Homemaker

In April 2015 Uk homemaker shown so much hype an potential, the opportunity to change carpet often, pay weekly and have the chance of getting other products with the company.... The normal procedure of measuring signing up an taking the bank details and that's where the positives ended... The guys came to fit the carpet , after 2 hours , confused faces and porley fired carpet in the hallway an stairs, I was informed that there wasn't enough carpet to finish the job... I contacted the call centre to ask when the rest would be fitted I was informed that they were too busy an would contact me, 3 weeks later someone contacted me and arranged this , unfortunately I took I'll, in hospital for 4 months and missed the fitting date (the missing carpet) but during this whole time no one made a call, sent an email or letter, this would of solved the problem as I had family and friends dealing with my bills letters and home stuff. The issue was brought back to the table once I was out of hospital, in October two men came to my door demanding payments for the carpet, a carpet that hasn't yet been fitted completely. This is when the stress levels risen through the roof. I demanded a manager To deal with my complaint, I received a call from Mrs s then she took her time to understand an told me someone will come out and discuss it all , only to find out that on the date set for a Manger to come out when I opened the door it was carpet fitters, this to me was a cheap way off covering up the problems an attempt to brush me aside. After over a month of trying to resolve the problem and some great help from Mrs S who was only capable to help so much, some lies from other staff, a vistit from an area manager who told me that this is disgusting an neglect, I also lost my job because the company told me they would be coming out one Monday so I had to phone in sick in work as it was short notice an they told me I had lied an couldn't justify why I took the day off, yet UK homemaker still didn't come out that day an rearranged this service call. I also found out that I was going to be getting a different carpet colour at the top of my stairs that didn't match ... U.K. Homemaker tried to push me aside with a full refit for half price, which is disgusting. Well on the 8/11/15 the inevitable happened, I tripped on the off cut piece of carpet given to me 8 months a go to cover up the floor boards and nails. I fell down the stairs, cut my leg banged my head an also damaged my hip, I'm having to go for an X-ray. This company is a disgusting, there's a couple of staff who don't deserve the reputation it's giving them but they can't remove the name the company has an the reputation of scamming an ripping customers off. Stay away

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lisa cooper | | VERIFIED

I got UK homemaker out on the 24.8.15 to arrange a TV as I was in £95 in arrears and was forced then to take another item from the company as I was refuse my over paid money back ( to me that's stealing), the TV 32in LG was meant as a gift for my nieces. 3 month later got the TV in bubble wrap remote control stuffed down the back of the TV. screen scratched to bits, back and stand, TV is not brand new as it did not come in box and was JCV not LG, I would not advise anyone to use this company!!!
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