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James's complaint against Complete Savings

James Knight


[LAPSED] Discovered today 6 months of £15 taken

Complaint against Complete Savings

I've emailed customer support now. I have just seen now that payments have been taken by an unknown company for the last 6 months totalling £90. Researching this it turns out it is this company. I have not signed up for any subscription service and do not use your service *at all*. I am very angry about this, and require the £90 refunded. == Further I'm very annoyed at companies doing this. It is not enough to say "it's in the small print". "Is it in the bold print at the top of the page well advertised that this is a subscription service", is the question that should be asked. Because no, it isn't and it never is. The rules need to change and make this compulsory.

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Lapsed. James has not responded in 90 days

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James Knight | | VERIFIED

I seem to have received £45 back but not the rest, and I've received no direct communication about it.


Hello Steve: Complete Savings is an online savings programme for people who shop online regularly. The only way you can become a member is by manually entering your details on the sign-up form & agree to the terms & conditions of the programme which are made clear. Please contact me directly at [email protected] so that I can assist you. Kind regards, Mary, The Complete Savings team

James Knight | | VERIFIED

I'm James. Those details are auto filled on web browsers these days, including desktop and mobile. The terms and conditions are either tiny, or you wouldn't be looking because you wouldn't know you're signing for a subscriptions service in the first place. On mobile it is very easy to miss any kind of subscription, but the fact is it 's not advertised clearly enough. I will email you shortly,


Hello James, I received your email. Thanks for sending it so I could identify your membership record. To demonstrate to you that the T&Cs were made clear on the sign-up form, I've sent you a reply that includes a copy of the sign-up form. My reply also includes additional details on the resolution to your query. I hope my reply resolves this matter for you. Kind regards, Mary, Complete Savings
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