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Becky's complaint against Complete Savings

Becky Chesson


[LAPSED] Fraud

Complaint against Complete Savings

After checking my partners bank statement, we discovered £15 was being paid each month to some unknown company called completesave. My partner has not signed up to the service, nor has any idea how they managed to obtain her debit card details. She called them and spoke to 'Mary' they Mary told her there is no record of a membership under her name, but yet they were charging her £15 per month! Mary also asked for her bank details, however, I told my partner not to give out her account details and instead, to contact her bank to report fraudulant activity. The bank told my partner they have now stopped any further payments from completesave and her bank refunded her the money. This place scams people out of money each month and hardly no one notices because they take around £10-£15 per month, which can easily be mistaken for bank charges! They are a fraudulant company who take peoples money without their consent.

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Lapsed. Becky has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Becky: When your partner first contacted me via email yesterday, her record could not be found & that is why she received an email asking for more details. A short time later I sent an email letting her know that upon further research her record was found. In that email I also provided her with details on a full resolution to her query. If she did not receive that email or has questions about the resolution to her query, she can contact me at [email protected] Kind regards, Mary

Becky Chesson | | VERIFIED

Dear Mary, The whole point is your company should provide proper information about your services. I am not satisfied until the company in question issue a public apology because they mislead people into paying £15 per month for discounts. No one actually recalls signing up. You need to improve the signing up process to reflect what you're actually charging people for and clarify that they understand.


Hello Becky: We're sorry you and your partner still have concern about Complete Savings. Please be assured that it was made clear on the sign-up page that there is a 15 monthly charge after the free trial period. It was mentioned 3x on the sign-up page that your partner completed. I've now sent a copy of the sign-up page to your partner via email to demonstrate this. I hope it helps to address your concern and resolves you query. Kind regards, Mary The Complete Savings team
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