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Richard's complaint against Complete Savings

Richard Brailsford


[RESPONDED] Shocking and poor customer service

Complaint against Complete Savings

Hello Actually this complaint isn't about "misleading" sign up as if you use it correctly than you can make decent cashback. This is more about systems and customer service. Through my time with complete savings, I've had cashback taken out of payouts from previous months (with no real explanation) and delays on payouts (currently have about £150 in there). The customer service has been poor with just copy and paste responses and a real lack of human common sense. The latest was an email from the team stating "We’ve noticed some activity related to your Complete Savings membership that may not be in accordance with the Membership Terms of Service." No explanation what this was or a reasonable discussion. Instead I'm asked to send through my ID and address (which I have no problem doing) and "receipts from transactions in January and February". When I questioned why and also said it would take me a whole day to find receipts and I wanted more information before doing this. Plus I also asked how you want the receipts - multiple emails? Basically I didn't want to waste my time based on the poor service already as I had no confidence in the team. The two responses that came back were almost the exact same as the first email. Can this forum offer an explanation?

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Hi Richard: just informed Complete Savings today about this complaint. I received an email from you on the same day that you posted this complaint & immediately had this matter investigated. On 6 April 2018, I sent you an email with the resolution to your complaint. If you did not receive that email, contact me at [email protected] so I can resend it to you. Thank you.

Richard Brailsford | | VERIFIED

Thanks Mary You have been a credit to the company and I wish you could be cloned as still met with "copy and paste" merchants. Many thanks for your help :)
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